Laure Colas

Bonjour !

Bienvenue sur mon portefolio !
Je m'appelle Laure Colas, et je suis passionnée par le graphisme, les nouvelles technologies et les jeux vidéo. J'aime apprendre et expérimenter, et voici un aperçu de mes projets.

Bonne visite et n'hésitez pas à me contacter !

Hello !

Welcome to my portfolio !
My name is Laure Colas, and I am really interested by graphic design, IT and videogames. I like to learn and experiment, and here are some of my projects.

Enjoy your visit and don't hesistate to contact me !

Webdesign & integration         //Institut du pacifique

The Pacific Institute - This project was to design a new website for "l'Institut du Pacifique", an association gathering economical and political articles about countries around the Pacific ocean. Their previous website needed change and I was interested in the challenge of dealing with a lot of content. I used html5, css3 and Jquery to integrate my design. You can read more about this project or just click on the image to see the demo

Webdesign        //Livres en liberte

Livres en liberté - This fictional project was a creation of website for the operation "Livres en liberté", which allows people to borrow a book from a shelf in the street.

You can learn more about the project in the presentation pdf.

Integration   html & css         //Jetro

Jetro - This website is an example of a simple html and css integration I've done, starting from an existing .psd file.
Clic on the image to see the demo


LPCM - Example of a moodboard I realised for the future website of our class. Although it's still in development, you can see our progress here. We are using wordpress and creating our own theme in PHP.

Webdesign         //Pebkac

Problem Exist Between Keyboard and Chair - This website was my final project, starting from the idea of an existing website that contains quotes of internet's conversations, I wanted to improve the concept by expanding it to a web platform dedicated to geek culture. Clic on the image to see the demo


My artistic direction for this project was to give the user the feeling that he is navigating inside the source code, because IT is a strong component of geek culture. Since there is no place for images in pure code, I decided to use glitches to integrate them, as if they were in conflict.

On the left, it's an easter egg, an ASCII version of the famous pacman and tetris, that would be hidden in the header. On the right, we can see the geek shop, with object in reference to pop culture and videogames.


Mobile version of Pebkac. All the columns are displayed verticaly one under the other. The menu as well as the user profile are accessible by swiping from left to right in order to gain some place for the content.

Mobile   app         //Data design

The aim of this project was to find a way to organise and display datas about our BTS Design Graphique. I chose to do it via an application where the user has to interact with the datas, and therefore wants to know more about the training in a playful way. The datas are sorted by chapters, named using humor (for example, the survey brought out our bad health habits, so the chapter is titled "life expectancy"). See the demo

//Data design

Each chapter has levels, which are datas displayed by an animation. To continue, the user has several actions to make, as interact with the illustration using the tactile screen, the microphone, the accelerometer etc. He can also try to guess the datas to feel involved.

//Data design

Other level examples.

//Data design

Other level examples.

Webdesign        //Don   d'organes

Design of the website for organ donation. This is the interactive menu where the user has to explore the human body to see the categories.

//Don   d'organes

Webdesign         //City   Sonic

Webdesign of the event website of the music festival City Sonic. This is an extract of the graphic researchs.

//City   Sonic

Menu of the final design. On the home page, there is a music player to listen to the songs of the festival. The menu looks abstract and moves in rythm with the music.

//City   Sonic

Example of the page with the informations about an artist, about his activities or his programation during the festival. The menu is reduced in the bottom right corner.

//City   Sonic

Virtual visit of the festival. The user can navigate in the city like in streetview, except all the festival events are displayed in the 3D space.

Monty Python - Holy Grail         //Flash   Animation

Monty Python - Holy Grail - Animation made in Flash CS6. There wasn't any instruction for this exercice except to use what we learned in class : stretch and squash, lip synchronisation, sound...

Animation         //Advertising   Campaign

Advertising campaign against food waste - Contest organised by Le club des DA in 2013.

Animation         //Nyctalope

Animated storyboard for the opening of a TV show - This opening was conceived for a fictional TV show called Nyctalope. The show is broadcast late in the evening, meant for a young and dynamic audience, and is about various topics like science, famous fictional monsters, dance, trendy artists...


This is the colorboard of the opening. "Nyctalope" means nocturnal vision, so I decided to use colors and graphic signs to represent the different ways to see at night (infrared vision, thermal vision, sonar...).


Animation        //Santa  Closed

Concept of a game we couldn't finish during a game jam - In a world were the spirit of Christmas was forgotten, Santa Claus was left with no purpose. Until one day, he decided to rebel against the Bogeyman factories and go back to business...

Motion   Design        //Crossfit   La   Rochelle

Animation of the logo of La Rochelle's crossfit club. Short professional project where the request was a logo that represented the values of the sport (warrior, intense), respected the colors of the club (yellow and black) and could be linked to the city (La Rochelle's symbol being its towers).

Real-time   3D         //Island

Medieval Island - Asset made for a project I'm currently working on. It's a simulation of medieval navigation, and I took inspiration of the way an island was drawn on a tapestry for the design.

Real-time   3D         //Modular   SF

Modular Science Fiction scene - Screenshot from Unreal Engine 4, I conceived this scene to be the inside of a particle accelerator, giving the scientists platforms - protected by forcefields - to circulate above the main pipe.

//Modular   SF

//Modular   SF

Posters        //Alien   Propaganda

Visuals for in-game propaganda posters for a futuristic videogame project. I took inspiration from famous communist propaganda posters for the Soviet Union.

Modelisation, animation and texturing        //Roomba

I sculpted a small cleaning robot called Roomba in Zbrush, then did the retopo, baked the high poly on the low and textured it (extract of the PBR textures).

Modelisation, animation and texturing        //Roomba

Then I did several animations, using basic rigging I made the launch of the robot. I have multiple shaders applied on the same mesh, for example to move the text displayed on the back screen (which is just a texture with alpha, and I'm moving the coordinates horizontally with a panner).

High   Poly         //Pirate

Modelisation high poly in Zbrush of a female pirate. This is the 3D adaptation of the concept which you can find the sketches here

Details         //Pirate

Close-up of the face. It is intended to be used on ps vita, so the hair and everything has been thought to not use alpha.

Low   Poly         //Pirate

Low modelisation (6500 tri) of the pirate. Retopo done using 3Dcoat and maya.

Texturing  01        //Pirate

Texturing  02        //Pirate

Game   Jam        //El chupacabra

Some elements of a game jam project where the goal of the game was to go through the same level in a loop, but each time you finished, you loose a power (like flying, jumping etc), increasing progressively the difficulty of the game.

Game   Jam        //El chupacabra

Unlit   Texturing

Texturing exercise of a sacrifice altar. It was an unlit texturing, meaning the light is painted in the texture of the object, which does not require any light in the game engine.

Unlit   Texturing

Final render in marmoset and TGA texture made in photoshop.

Real-time    3D        //Modular   Rocks

Set of mossy modular rocks on Unreal Engine 4. The UVs are optimised so that several rocks can fit on one texture for optimisation.

Sprites         //Ubiquity

Ubiquity was a personal project of a scoring videogame made with some friends. Even if it was aborted, here is some of my production during our first workshop week-end.

Those are the background of the tower defense part, that gradually deteriorate.


Colorimetric declination of the space background and sprites of spaceships.



Some sprite animations tests for the run, punch and resting position.

Flash         //Don   Quijote

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Personal experimentation to learn how to use Flash and AS3. Drag Don Quijote to the windmill and then click to make it fly away.

Character   design         //Pirate

Extract of the graphic researchs of a character on the theme pirate.

Character   design         //Pirate

Facial expressions,attitude and close-up on the face.

Character   design         //Pirate

Final drawings to set the definitive design of my character.

Sketches         //In   Lille   underground